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Leader in innovative and alternative therapies.
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LED Laser
Providing world-class LED illumination solutions that help doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.
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Healing Creams
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Sourced, formulated, and developed in the USA.
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Industries We Work With

Learn about the industries we work with, including dentistry, veterinarians, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, and more.





Plastic Surgeons


Family Physicians


Electrotherapy Products

Electrotherapy is a non-invasive, drug free method for treating pain and muscle rehabilitation.

Low-Level Laser Therapy Devices

Low level laser therapy devices are used to relieve acute/chronic pain, back pain, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, and other injuries.

Ultra Healing Creams

Ultra-healing creams that offer concentrated ingredients that assist the body in activating its self-healing powers.

Surgical Wound Care

Surgical wound care that will get your patients where they need to be.

Med-Tech International Mission

Med-Tech International is a mission-driven company. For us, that means a strong collaboration with our clinical partners to continuously deliver innovative and alternative therapies to fulfill clinical needs and improve patient outcomes.


MedTech International Group is a leader in providing high-quality medical solutions. We set the standard for in-depth knowledge of low-level medical devices as we offer customized solutions that create value by fulfilling clinical needs and improving patient outcomes. MedTech International’s strength lies in its ability to combine the need of improving the standards of alternative therapies with conventional treatment protocols.

What Sets Us Apart From Competitors?


MedTech International Group continuously works with top-notch professionals to understand the market‘s changing needs and future medical trends.


Our team has the knowledge and expertise to successfully build relationships between the appropriate research teams, as we collaborate with leading bio-physicists, clinicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.


We are proud to have a world-class team of professionals that execute an unmatchable level of expertise, putting you, the customer, first.


MedTech International Group’s development focuses on transformative science, continuous learning, and growth for our team members.

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